Night Five Blogs


Sinseanmhathair (sounds like shin-shan-wawhir) John did not play trivia with us tonight what a shame. He did take us to the global village where we got some food from many different cultures. I’ve been trying to study recently, but it’s been really hard to concentrate, so I’m really looking forward to next week when I can get some studying done. Last night we slept behind the PACand although we learned that condensation gets created by the cardboard being under the tarp and not on the tarp to absorb water, I had a pretty good sleep and woke up damp. This morning I also got interviewed by CTV, I found it kind of weird how she rehearsed her lines, but it was fun and I think I did a decent job. Tonight will be our last night sleeping outside and I’m looking forward to it, but also kind of feel sad that we won’t be spending all day with each other anymore. This whole experience was 100% worth and I would do it again in a heart beat. I would recommend everyone to be an HP because of the understanding you get about homelessness, the confidence you get from doing class room announcements, the money you raise for EGADZ, and the friendship you create from sleeping with strangers outside for a common goal. I enjoyed every minute of doing this campaign and hope Kaylyn, Josh and Pax are not to disappointed that I didn’t throw shade to them even though I can’t write and essay of shade.


Hello and welcome to my fifth and final blog. I think I say this everyday but today was the HARDEST day of the campaign. I’m more tired than ever and my drive to complete homework and pay attention in class has diminished almost completely. What’s worse is that I got caught in the bathroom attempting to wet my hair in the sink and got some extremely odd looks when people realized what I was doing. That being said, the lack of sleep has made myself and the other sleepers quite loopy and giggly, which provides for some good fun!

It’s a bittersweet feeling knowing that this is the last day of the campaign- though I’m excited to go home (and most importantly shower) these past five days have been the most remarkably positive experience. I learnt a lot about myself and others- namely how generous and caring the majority of my university peers are. Three lovely ladies that I am happy to call some of my best friends, Sophia, Thea and Anna never failed to find me in the day and make sure I was alive and well both mentally and physically. I have also gained what I consider to be lasting friendships that will hopefully continue after this campaign and I feel so lucky to have met such kind hearted individuals who are outrageously generous and selfless.

I am very thankful for this experience and most importantly for everyone who contributed for such an amazing cause. I hope EGADZ receives the recognition it so much deserves and that individuals have become more aware of the trials that homeless youth go through on a daily basis.

And again,

Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou! J

Pax Kruger


Hey folks, it is the last night for us. An awesome time is ending. I will miss it so much! I mean I will miss the people who I was surrounded with. Props to Kaylyn, Pax, Tyrel and Papa John for being beautiful people! I enjoyed every moment with you guys.

Today was really busy. If been everywhere. First of all every 1 ½ hours I had an announcement. People are so kind. Since we have been around for a while they are prepared. Every class gives us a bit more change to reach our goal. Apart from that we have been to the arts tower to talk to the professors about homeless youth. They are always gentle.

Just because this campaign ends it doesn’t mean we solved homelessness! They are still people out there. If you see someone in suffer please offer some help. At least smile at them. The worst I recognized during this campaign is that many people are ignoring me. I mean is it so difficult to smile at people? If you can’t help because of many reasons it is fine, but please do not ignore the problems!


Our celebrity sleepover last night was a huge success! Corey O’Soup and Lisa Broda are such amazing people and I am so glad they came out to support us. This morning we had a CTV News interview and that went well. It’s amazing that they decided to report on our fundraiser and I am so glad they helped us get the word out on all that we do. We also had a pie sale today and the pies sold out super fast! I am so thankful there were so many people willing to support the cause today as it really helps motivate us homeless participants.

Wow. This week has been so surreal. It has been a mixture of scary, difficult, fun, and exciting. While times got really hard sometimes, I always had support from the other homeless participants and all the other committee members. I wanted to use tonight’s blog to shout out some very important people that I have been fortunate enough to spend the past week with.

Paxtyn, Tyrel, and Josh: thank you so much for the constant support, encouragement, and help you all provided me with this week. I literally could not have gotten through it without. Thank you so much Pax. I am so glad I got to make a new friend that is as great as you. I loved our times yelling out hilarious Vines and Memes, changing in the bathroom to prepare for bed, washing our clothes in the sink, doing classroom presentations together, and so much more.

John: I don’t think us HP’s will ever be able to thank you enough! You put up with our jokes, whining, yelling, sass, and so much more. You always had our backs no matter what. You were the perfect person to watch over us and help us get through one of the roughest weeks we could have imagined. If anything, you made what a rough week would have been into such an amazing one. You went above and beyond, thank you so much!

Lastly, I want to thank Kylee. Without her, this campaign wouldn’t have even happened. And without you, I wouldn’t have even joined the campaign to begin with. Your determination and hard work is truly inspiring. Anyone that you ask would be able to tell you that you have a true passion for this cause, and it showed in everything you did for this campaign. Thank you so much for being such an amazing project manager, roommate, support system, and best friend.

5 Days for the Homeless Saskatoon and all of my experiences that came with the campaign will be with me for the rest of my life. It opened me up to new experiences, tough times, and amazing people all while raising funds for homeless and at-risk youth in Saskatoon. I want to thank everyone who was a part of it, you truly made a difference in so many kids’ lives and mine as well.

Officially signing off,

Kaylyn Hinrichsen

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