Night Three Blogs


Hey folks, last night was better than average and I had such a good sleep. Hence my day was much better. A coffee is safe every morning now. We found a spot on campus which service coffee every morning. Apart from that the day was pretty much just studying, studying, studying… I am still not ready for tomorrow. Let’s see how we go! Still have a couple of hours before the midterm. Also it is such a bummer that’s my girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow and I won’t be there tonight to celebrate in. I would love to celebrate with you. I hope you will still have a lot of fun! We will see each other tomorrow. Happy birthday to you!


Grandpa John finally got trivia right this time and boredom has disappeared! We ended up having a good sleep and my spot was well appreciated. Today I found a killer spot that was rejected because it was just a little public, but in the end today I keep learning new memes. We have figured out our last few spots and they’re decent, but space determines a lot in where we sleep. Tonight will be our last night sleeping outside without guests, there is a small feeling of wanting it to be a little longer. Grandpa John is confusing: saying things are bad when they’re good and stuff like that. I enjoyed doing announcements. That’s the Tea.


Had a very good sleep tonight, whether that was because of the warmer weather or the utter exhaustion is anybody’s guess. Today we had quite a bit of downtime between campaigning and class time and were able to play a couple games in the office. What I’ve learnt is that I am a trivia master and that is indisputable no matter what the other sleepers say.

But in reality, today was extremely hard. Though we had a fairly decent sleep, I think it’s safe to say that all of us had difficulties staying awake and alert throughout the day- not being able to nap is hard! That being said, the overall generosity of the university faculty members and students was quite overwhelming and the kind hearts of the 5D4H campaign members (shout-out to my fellow homeless participants, our very dear Papa John and tireless campaign manager Kylee) is extremely inspiring and makes the sleeping outside and tired days more than bearable J

Also, last night the EGADZ Outreach van came and visited us as we set up camp and delivered sandwiches made by the kids and hot chocolate to drink before we drifted to sleep. To say the least, it was very, very much appreciated and extrememly generous for them to take time out of their very busy schedule to come and visit us!

Tonight we were lucky enough to attend a USASK Improv show in which two of our members Papa John and Uncle Sean put on a show for students at Convocation Hall. The night ended with camaraderie and laughs and I again am very thankful for everyone and their hard work on this campaign.

All in all, I am going to bed with my heart extremely full and hopeful for the next day.

Signing off,

Pax Kruger


Last night’s sleep was super good! Since the first night for me was terrible, I was super exhausted and fell asleep right away. Before we went to bed, the outreach workers stopped by to give us hot chocolate, sandwiches, and apples. It was amazing and we are so appreciative that they took the time to come see us!

Today was a great day! I am finally starting to get comfortable doing classroom presentations and I think its fun to tell everyone about our fundraiser and EGADZ. We also got a fantastic donation of fresh fruit, cookies, and sandwiches made by some of the kids EGADZ. Everything was absolutely delicious and we are so grateful for their thoughtfulness. There was a Usask Improv show tonight to raise money for the campaign as well. It was hilarious watching John and Sean perform. I am having a lot of fun being a sleeper in this campaign and I look forward to our last three days!

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