Night Two Blogs


Last night was an experience I will probably never forget. It was the first time I have ever slept outside in that kind of weather and to be honest, it was really hard. I probably slept for about a half an hour in total. I knew that it wasn’t going to be comfortable sleeping outside in a sleeping bag in negative temperatures, but I guess you can never truly prepare for something like that until you actually have to experience it. Although it was a rough and cold night, I was reminded about the fact that individuals facing homelessness deal with this every night and often times in worse conditions. Overall, it was a very difficult and humbling experience. I know I have a long week ahead of me, but I am super excited to continue to experience new things alongside raising funds and awareness for homeless and at-risk youth.


Today Papa John had back up for trivia, but still had to skip a question so… boredom may still yet set in. I told everyone I would throw shade at them in this blog, but maybe I won’t. Who knows? So far every one has been ok, but Ka and I were not warm tonight, on the other hand Josh and Pax were warm. Doing class room announcements were fun, but a little scary at first, think we all got through that tonight and we will have no problem doing them tomorrow. Tonight we are going to sleep in a really fun spot, but Papa John keeps throwing shade at it, I already know he is wrong about it.


Night one went off without a hitch! We had cozied up between the greenhouses on campus and had a decent night- though no one could really have a remarkable sleep with two tarps and a sleeping bag in this weather. We were rudely awakened by our VP (and local sass king) John Younger of Internal Affairs with a loud rendition of a German song titled “Guten Morgen Sonnenschein,” which will now be known forever as THE worst song in history.

Though I was initially concerned about finding enough food to not be starving during the day, people were extraordinarily generous about donating food to us and monetary donations to EGADZ as well- shout out to campus security for the Dominoes!

As the day went on, it was difficult enough to attend my classes and keep my eyes open for the duration of the school hours, let alone actually focus on the material we were learning. I was quite taken aback by the toll one night of sleeping outdoors took on my mental and physical abilities and cannot even begin to understand what doing this on a day-to-day basis without all the assistance and care we’ve been given must feel like. This truly is a humbling experience and I am extremely excited to find out what is coming next!

Until next time…

Pax Kruger


Hey folks, last night was quite alright. The spot we choose seemed to be awesome. We were covered from four sites, so there were no wind coming through. Also we had an awesome setup. A tarp at the bottom, some cardboard above, then us and another tarp on top. At the start of the night my feet were kind of wet and they got cold for a while. After a few hours of sleep I woke up because light were shining. I couldn’t believe we slept in since John wanted to wake us up. So I just kept sleeping. Anyways, the day was alright as well. I have been pretty busy all day long and totally forgot to eat. Don’t get me wrong I had some bits here and there, but at the end of the day I felt really tired and wasn’t (and I am still) not able to think. The learning for the midterm Wednesday was therefore not useful at all. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully with good sleep and a good food to start the day with.

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