Night One Blogs


It is my first few hours as a homeless participant and so far they have been filled with anticipation. Though I am excited for the nights (and days) to come I am feeling increasingly nervous about meeting my basic needs on a day to day basis. Most prevalent of these fears are questions such as where will my next meal come from? Or Will I be able to sleep through the night? Though we ate a mere five hours ago, my stomach is already rumbling for a late night snack and the fact that there will be none provided is weighing heavily on my mind. I am extremely excited for the time to come but there is no doubt in my mind that these will be five of the most challenging, as well as the most humbling experiences of my university career, if not my life. Stay tuned to see how it all plays out!


I am really looking forward to talking to lots of people about the campaign this week. I hope to bring more awareness to youth homelessness and all of the great things EGADZ does across campus. I hope that we will be able to reach our fundraiser goal or even exceed it. A couple things I am not looking forward to are trying to sleep in the cold and not being able to shower. It is going to be really hard to attend my classes and try to concentrate on my school work if I am running on little sleep. I already miss having access to food and the Internet whenever I want. This week is going to be hard, but I am confident that the other sleepers and I will make it super fun as well!


Hey folks, till now I don’t feel any change. We were just outside to find some cardboard to put under our sleeping bags, so the ground won’t be too hard to sleep on. Surprisingly I am not hungry till now; this might be because I am a little bit nervous. So good that it will warm up now, but also the snow will melt and we might get wet. I have to find a something during this week to get my cloth dry again. Hopefully we will find some food tomorrow morning and the first coffee I will get donated. That’s what I am looking for.


We have just embarked on our 5 day journey and being bored might just be our biggest problem because John skips a lot of trivia questions due to not being able to pronounce names. I think another problem will be the snow melting instead of it being too cold, This week should be a really warm week and that is kind of a relief and a disappointment. We found some cushions in the dumpster and hopefully that will come in handy tonight.

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